Fruit classifications

FruitsFruits are classified into three major types.

  • The first type is the simple fruit; it’s developed from a single ovary. Simple fruits are further divided into two types, which also have respective classifications. Fleshy simple fruits have soft pericarp, or ovary walls, that are mostly edible such as those in tomatoes and grapes.
  • The second type of simple fruits is dry fruit; this simple fruit has hard pericarp like legumes, grains, and nuts.
  • The third type of fruit is the aggregate fruit. This type is developed from a single flower that has many ovaries like the blackberries and strawberries. Multiple fruits are the third type of fruit formed from many flowers clustered together in one inflorescence usually surrounding a fleshy stem axis. Pineapples, mulberries, and jackfruits are few of the examples in this type of fruit.

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